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Transparent is a fashion brand under the 3CHUB company in Nigeria. Its young and fashionable brand makes it more and more popular. Today's mobile phone is more than just a communication tool. It is a customized mobile phone case for you who love to play , Mobile power supply, mobile phone battery, charger, mobile phone cool case, mobile phone film, earphone, data cable and other accessories, escort your love machine at all times. At the same time, it also has fashionable watches, smart homes and home appliances The series adds fun and color to your quality life. Transparent uses independent product design and flat network direct sales to provide African consumers with high-quality products that can be easily owned.

Brand Name: transparent

Product classification: mobile phone accessories, home appliances, fashion products

Founded: August 2018

Company: 3CHUB

Industry: Consumer Electronics

Brand introduction:

TRANSPARENT is a collection of digital accessories.Recharge a fashion brand integrating independent research and development, design, production and sales of equipment, home appliances, fashion products and other products.

With the pursuit of user experience as the starting point, transparent has produced a series of unique products. The products are marketed in various regions of Nigeria under the slogan of "QUALITY AND AFFORDABLE", and have accumulated a goodwordofmouth.

Brand definition:

Transparent aims to provide customers with quality and affordable products with transparent prices and transparent services, resist poor quality, reject high prices, and allow African consumers to use cost-effective products.And all products are provided with a 6-24 months warranty policy, so that consumers can to buytrustingly, tousecomfortably.